Q: How are the words of a translation counted?

A; We charge the fee for our translation service according to the number of words. For the translation that Chinese is involved, the words are counted according to Chinese standard: "Tools" -> "Word Count" -> "Characters (no spaces)" in Microsoft Word. Else, the words in the original documents are counted in a universally standard way: "Tools" -> "Word Count" -> "Words" in Microsoft Word.

Q: How can I give you my documents for translation?

A; We accept almost all kinds of normal digital file formats which can be sent electronically via email or uploaded to our FTP server. Hard copies need to be mailed to us or dropped off in person at our office.

Q: How long will my translation take?

A: Since each project is unique, and a number of factors affect the length of time that translation needs. Only after our staff goes over your project, can we set an exact time period.

Q: What types of payment do you accept?

A: At present, we accept payment through business checks, wire transfers and cashes for most projects.

Q: How is my text translated?

A: Generally speaking, our translation workflow includes three stages: translation, proofreading and verification.

Q: Do you have discounts or special prices for translation?

A: Yes, we do. At present, we have special prices for clients from Media and Cultural and Creative Industry, for Long-term Cooperation clients, we have fixed annual prices. Please refer to "Pricing" category for more information.

Q: Can you guarantee my translation work will be kept confidential?

A: We understand the importance of confidentiality in regards to the projects of all our clients, and will uphold the highest professional and ethical standards to make sure the content of all projects remains private. For certain highly-confidential projects, we could sign NDA with our clients.

Q: Do you translate Macao Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate and other Certificates issued by the Macao SAR Government?

A: Yes, we do. Please refer to the category of "Certificate Translation".